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TranMile is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, and services. We provide a diverse range of solutions and related products to global clients. Our solutions include FTTH ODN Solution, Fast Connect ODN Solution, FTTH Pre-connectorized Solution, FTTH Underground Solution, and FTTH Aerial Hardware Solution. For Pre-connectorized solutions, TranMile has developed the Network Resource Management System to centrally manage all equipments in the solution, including fiber cables, Hub Boxes, FAT Boxes, and End Boxes. The system provides users with real-time status updates for all devices in the solution and faults alerts.

Since its establishment, TranMile has dedicated itself to providing all-round upstream and downstream ODN product solutions and services. Relevant products include but are not limited to fiber optic cable, cross-connect cabinet, sheet metal box, pedestal, manhole, splice closure, distribution box, etc. The company is equipped with high-level scientific and innovative technologies, professional and high-quality teams and strict inspection processes, and has combined both the domestic and overseas top-level resources for the long-term, stable development in the phase of rapid industrial development.

TranMile provides excellent products and services to its global customers with the standard of “High Level, High Quality, High Requirements”. It has set “Long-term Development and Continuous Breakthrough” as its global business goal, aiming to follow the models from this industry and become a leader in the near future. Adhering to the tenet of “Cooperation, Mutual Benefits, Innovation”, TranMile undertakes the mission of collective growth with its staff, and is willing to create a prosperous future together with its global customers.


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