Our Laboratory

Applying mature standards and advanced concepts in laboratory construction, Tranmile has introduced high-level experimental equipment to create a series of exclusive laboratories, including material performance room, dimensional measurement room, electrical performance room, high temperature room, optical performance room, environmental performance room, mechanical performance room, sealing performance room, salt spray room, fluorescence spectroscopy room, etc. The laboratories are fully equipped with a wide range of professional equipment to meet the individual needs of our customers worldwide, including material design requirements, accurate dimensional measurements, electrical safety assessment, stability in extreme environments, transmission quality performance, durability, reliability, hermeticity, fire resistance and fluorescence performance. The equipment in the laboratory is operated and maintained regularly by our professionals, providing a strong guarantee for the creation of high-quality optical communication products.
  • GC-MS Testing

  • Salt Spray Test

  • Seal Testing

  • Mechanical Testing

  • Environmental Testing

  • Temperature and Humidity Testing

  • High Temperature Testing

  • Electrical Performance Testing

  • Dimensional Measurement

  • Material Test


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