Tranmile cable hardware are employed for the installation, management, and maintenance of cables, covering clamps, brackets, hooks, etc. View category details.
  • ADSS Cable Clamp

    Tranmile ADSS cable clamps help maintain the proper tension and position of ADSS cable to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Explore relevant products.

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  • Figure-8 Cable Clamp

    Tranmile figure-8 cable clamps are designed to hold and suspend the figure-8 cable, typically on poles or other supporting structures. Browse relevant produts.

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  • Drop Cable Clamp

    Tranmile drop cable clamps secure and support drop cables in the final section of FTTH cable connecting from a distribution point. Browse the library.

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  • Brackets and Hooks

    Tranmile pole brackets and cable hooks provide secure mounting points and cable management solutions for your infrastructure projects. Discover our products.

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  • Installation Accessories

    Tranmile installation accessories cover stainless steel strap, bunding buckle and bunding tool. They ensure a smooth and efficient installation process. Dive in

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