Outdoor Fiber Cable

Tranmile outdoor fiber cable withstands various environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, moisture, UV radiation, and physical stress. View here.
  • GYDXTW Outdoor Cable

    GYDXTW is an Aerial or Duct use fiber optic cable . We supple GYDXTW cable from 2 cores to 144 cores with both single mode and multi mode types.

  • GYXTC8S Outdoor Cable

    GYXTC8S fiber optic cable is a figure 8 structure cable suitable for installation in aerial environment for long haul communications . This optical cable is 2 cores to 24 cores types available.

  • GYTC8S Outdoor Cable

    GYTC8S is a typical outdoor use fiber optic cable for aerial applications . GYTC8S is also called the figure 8 cable because of its structure looks like the figure 8 . We supply single mode and multi mode GYTC8S fiber Cables from 2-fiber type to 144-fiber type.

  • ADSS Outdoor Cable

    ADSS Outdoor Cable are positioned into a loose tube made of high modulus plastics. Filled with a water-blocking filling compound, the tube is stranded around FRP as a non-metallic central strength member intocompact and circular cable core. ADSS cables are ideal for outside plant aerial applications, the lightweight cable and all-dielectric construction allow cost-effective and safe installation in high voltage overhead power lines.

  • GYFTY53 Outdoor Cable

    GYFTY53 fiber optic cable is Stranded Loose Tube Non-metallic Strength Member Water-blocking Armored Cable designed for direct-buried installation, can be buried directly into the ground in a trenchor using a vibratory plow, suitable for frequent lightning area and anti electric field.

  • GYTA53 Outdoor Cable

    GYTA53 Outdoor Cable used for Double-jacket structure provide the cable nice properties of moisture resistance and crush resistance. Double armored structure provide cable good property of rodent-resistance. It can be used for duct and direct buried application, suitable for harsh environments.


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