Optical Components

Tranmile optical components are employed in fiber optic communication systems to transmit, receive, or manipulate light signals in optical cables. Browse on.
  • Optical Splitter

    Tranmile optical splitters are passive devices used in fiber optic networks to split an incoming optical signal into multiple output signals. Discover further.

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  • Pigtail

    Tranmile fiber pigtails are fixed-length fiber cables that are terminated on one end and left unterminated on the other. Discover relevant products here.

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  • Adapter

    Tranmile fiber adapters features low insertion loss, minimal reflection, and signal continuity in aligning and mating two connectors, Explore all products.

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  • MPO

    Tranmile MPO cable assemblies provide high-density and high-speed connectivity in data centers and telecommunications networks. Learn about relevant products.

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