Server Cabinet

Tranmile server cabinet is designed to house and organize hardware like servers and networking equipment in a data center or IT environment. Start exploring.
  • Server Cabinet

    Tranmile’s K series cabinets include indoor and outdoor applications. Among them, the indoor all-in-one machine solution adopts the All-in-Rack design, and integrates indoor cabinets (including hot and cold aisles, wiring troughs, etc.), refrigeration, power supply and distribution, intelligent management, gas fire protection, integrated wiring and other subsystems. A single module supports a maximum of 25 cabinets (including integrated cabinets, IT cabinets, battery cabinets, and network cabinets). Both sides of the integrated cabinet support flexible capacity expansion, and a single IT cabinet can support 1-10kW loads. All components are pre-manufactured, pre-installed, and pre-tested in the factory, which can not only guarantee the quality of the product, but also realize rapid deployment on site.


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