Tranmile MPO cable assemblies provide high-density and high-speed connectivity in data centers and telecommunications networks. Learn about relevant products.
  • MPO Patch Cord

    An MPO breakout cable, or fan-out cable, is a fiber optic cable with an MPO connector on one end and an LC connector on the other. LC connectors can also be SC, FC, ST and other connectors. This kind of branch line is often used to separate the data signals of different channels concentrated in the MPO connector to the LC connector. Therefore, LC connectors can be easily connected to other links. Widely used in 40G to 10G network systems.

  • MTP 12 Core Pre-terminated Trunk Cable

    MPO/MTP connector is a kind of fiber optic connector. It is commonly used as a connector type for high-speed transmission standards. Such as the IEEE standard for 40G/100G transmission. Therefore, this MPO/MTP trunk cable is widely used in data centers , and the trunk cable is composed of small size OM3 or OM4 optical cable and 12-core pre-terminated MPO/MTP connector. The MPO connector is a multi-conductor connector standard. It is usually a row of 12 fibers, which can support one row (12 cores) or multiple rows (more than 24 cores) of fibers in the same MPO connector.


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