Brackets and Hooks

Tranmile pole brackets and cable hooks provide secure mounting points and cable management solutions for your infrastructure projects. Discover our products.
  • Clamp-M-A

    The Clamp-M-A H-hook is designed to provide a wide range of pole clamps. It's made of carbon with a hot-dip galvanized finish that lasts a long time without rusting. It can be fixed on wooden, metal, concrete poles or buildings together with Tranmile series stainless steel straps and buckles to secure and fix cables.

  • Clamp-M-B

    The Clamp-M-B UPB universal rod bracket is made of aluminum alloy and has a correspondingly high mechanical strength. Specially designed for ADSS cable clamp or Figure-8 cable clamp, in outdoor telecommunication cable laying, its unique patented design aims to provide universal hardware accessories, covering all installation situations on wooden, metal or concrete poles. When installing, steel strips or bolts can be used.

  • Clamp-M-C

    Clamp-M-C FTTH fiber optic cable jumper hook is used for hanging FTTH fiber optic cables or introducing cable clamps through hooks during the construction of outdoor overhead FTTH networks. The hook can be rotated and fixed 90 degrees with the clamp plate to fix the cable line. The S-shaped fixing parts connecting the steel strand device are fastened to the pre twisted wire.


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