FTTH Pre-connectorized

Solution Overview

FTTH pre-connectorized solution is upgraded from the traditional ODN solution. By employing plug and play devices (PnP) and fiber optic cable assemblies, it reduces and avoids field splicing, thereby reducing deployment time and the need for trained technicians and special equipment. And by using advanced digital tags supporting logging/querying by digital devices, it avoids possible human mistakes and enables all ODN parts and networks to be managed by ODN Management System (OMS).

How does it work?

Pre-connectorized ODN solutions are more effective and convenient for ODN construction. Based on the planning, design and coverage range of ODN network, pre-connection can be applied in drop section, distribution section and all ODN sections. The pre-connectorized solution is very suitable for low-density user scenarios where an uneven chain type network design can be created to deploy ODN networks to save fiber resources. This solution is also very suitable for smart city scenarios where the network is mainly constructed along the road.

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