Solution Overview

FTTR technology solution consists of FTTR optical gateway, edge ONT and home fibre component (for home scenarios). FTTR optical gateway is a new type of network equipment that connects upwards to the OLT through the home optical network and downwards to the edge ONT, which can functionally match service development needs, providing more convenient access and better access quality assurance. The total solution can be unified and managed more efficiently, providing greater flexibility compared to FTTH networking, enabling a more efficient all-optical home network architecture and providing better Internet experience and services.

How does it work?

FTTR solution consists of four parts: master optical cat, slave optical cat, home optical network and cloud management platform. The master optical cat supports Gigabit entry into the home and provides fibre optic interfaces downwards to connect to the slave optical cats, which are distributed to various rooms in the home and provide Wi-Fi 6 and GE ports downwards to access various home internet terminals. The home optical network is deployed using special tools and accessories and consists of optical cables, optical panels and other necessary optical network components etc. The cloud-based management platform enables visibility, management and maintenance of the home network, and the FTTR all-optical home network architecture is capable of meeting the requirements for high-quality services such as ultra-high definition video, cloud gaming and cloud VR, with greater flexibility and reliability.

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